Merritt, BC

Last week’s tweet divulging the title ‘Dominion’ for the new Jurassic World 3 movie seems to have coincided with the start of set-styling at Ponderosa Sports for the filming of its 3-minute segment. Ponderosa is a jewel of a shop, layered & colourful, an artistic collage of all things sporty, and absolutely deserving of the attention! And check out the vintage shells that owner Ed Hendricks has displayed behind those rifles…! But that’s art: you pick up serendipitous pieces as you go along & incorporate them into the whole! Or just a coincidence… 🙂

Citizen’s Budget. Council wants to hear from you on your priorities and thoughts on the services the City provides, as well as how they are provided. Using an online survey tool, you will be able to provide input to the budget deliberations on services that the City funds through municipal taxation…

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