Making decisions at the best of times is not always easy but as the saying goes, it is a decision that ‘get us’ and a decision that ‘gets us anywhere’.

So for the role of Mayor and Council, it was decisions that got us through the fires and recently the flooding of the Coldwater River.

When the call came from an old friend that it was time to leave my house and the invitation to be cared for by friends, I was happy to pack a few belongings and drive the few miles out of Merritt for as long as necessary. At 86 years old, I was glad to not have to drive a long distance not knowing where I would end up. I felt safe and cared for; was graciously housed and well-fed, and even entertained from time to time with Johnny Cash vocal favourites to help stave off the questions of ‘how long?’ would this go on.

Our hosts worked tirelessly, often up in the early hours for an interview with the newscasters from the East. The phone rang for consultations day and night; decisions were in the making and people were hurting, not to mention those workers who hardly ever slept while refurbishing the broken infrastructures of the city!! Tired or not, there was no stopping the dedication of Mayor Linda Brown and her husband Ken Gillis (Chair TNRD). I watched their constant concerns and attention given to their duties over the course of the Nov. 15 to Dec. 3 ordeal.

I thank the Mayor for her generous and caring spirit toward an ‘old’ friend (me) and the welfare of all Merrittonians.

The last three weeks have not been a time for politicking; that comes 10 months from now! Let’s continue appreciating all the help, generosity and care that has been given by Samaritan’s Purse and the Red Cross, not to mention so many citizens who have given and continue to give; as well to the Mayor, her Council, and staff.

Sincerely, Nell Veale