Thank you to everyone for the well-wishes over these past few weeks. And today, while back home in phase 4 visiting with JJ the cat (who is now no longer on evacuation), these generous & thoughtful tokens were left at the door. Lovely gestures, showing the kindness of strangers.

I was one of the lucky ones, no water in my living space. And though the truck is gone, it seems a small price to pay. And considering the many stories of danger & loss & desperation & confusion, I am so thankful for the ‘luck’ that came my way — good friends to help me, and minimal impact from the flows of water & mud.

If all goes well, I should be able to return home next week, and I plan to resume proper Merritt Morning Market issues in the New Year, starting on Wed. Jan 5. Thanks for your patience & understanding with the few short posts over the past 5 weeks… between the town being completely disrupted, and moments of feeling overwhelmed, I was glad to have at least a platform for photos & stories.

What has shone through, above the grief & desperation of those most heavily affected by this flood, is the help & compassion & kindness & good-will of those who have come to this town to volunteer, and the many acts of kindness & community-building that individuals have taken upon themselves to do.

‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem enough… but it must be said. — Kim Leclair, Merritt Morning Market