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TNRD & City of Merritt partner for structural fire protection in Lower Nicola. In partnership with the City of Merritt, TNRD has announced that Merritt Fire Rescue will provide fire protection services to part of the Lower Nicola area, effective as of July 4, 2022. Under the interim agreement, Merritt Fire Rescue will provide structural fire protection services to 482 addresses in Lower Nicola and Miller Estates. This will provide coverage for 76% of the 634 addresses that were impacted by the recent announcement of fire protection services being suspended in the area.

Properties that are included in the coverage area will receive an updated notice in the mail in the coming days. Property owners should contact their home insurance provider immediately to report this change. Properties in Sunshine Valley, Canford and nearby areas that are not covered by this interim agreement will be issued a partial tax refund.

“Due to distance from their fire hall, this is the maximum coverage area Merritt Fire Rescue is able to provide at this time. We recognize that a portion of TNRD properties that were previously provided fire protection are not included in this coverage area,” said Manager of Fire Protection Services Jason Tomlin. “We are grateful for the support of the City of Merritt and Merritt Fire Rescue to help us restore partial fire coverage as quickly as possible.”

The interim agreement is effective until at least December 31, 2022. The TNRD will continue discussions with the City of Merritt and the Lower Nicola Indian Band regarding fire protection in the Lower Nicola area for 2023 and future years.

The TNRD also continues to assess long-term options for fire protection services in the Lower Nicola area, including those properties that are not covered under this interim agreement. As part of this, the TNRD is assessing the feasibility of a TNRD-administered fire hall for the Lower Nicola area.

For more information, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions, visit the new TNRD webpage: Lower Nicola Area Fire Protection.